Lashelle Pulliam

Hair Stylist

Hi everyone!!! My name is Shelley and I am a mother of two beautiful children. I've been doing hair for about 12 years and I've been licensed for 2 years. I have always had a passion for hair and more importantly making sure that my clients have healthy hair. I pride myself in being able to service clients of all cultures in a very professional manner. I previously serviced my hair clients in a private salon suite then decided to work in corporate America  for awhile. As I was working there my passion for hair grew with intensity. I would spend a lot of my spare time researching and learning new techniques which made my passion overflow...With that being said I am now here working in Va-Naz Haircare Salon and ready to give each client who sits in my chair top quality service! 

​​​Erica R. Barner 

Hair Stylist/Apprentice 

Hello my name is Erica...I am new to the Va-Naz family. I am currently working as an apprentice however I have been caring for others hair for over 15 years. I finally decided to follow my true passion and began striving to obtain my cosmetology license at the ripe age of 39. I love making people feel good... and I'm living proof  that it's never to late to do what you love. Looking forward to servicing you soon ;-)

Hairdressers with an Eye for Style

Take a look at our talented stylists below. From color specialists to expert stylists, our team has a wealth of talent and skills to accomplish any cut or style. They will make sure that your style is both wearable and gorgeous so that you can maintain your look wherever you go. 

All of our stylists are licensed under the
Virginia State Board of Cosmetology and constantly further their knowledge by researching new styles and trends.

​​​​Founder of Va-Naz

Certified Hair Loss Practitioner

Born and raised in Newark, NJ…mother of two, daughter La-Vaunjah, son Nasir…Hence Va-Naz! Even as a teenager I’ve always had the yearning passion for hair. My sister and closest friends still laugh and joke about me saying “I’m going to have a beauty salon called Another Bad Creation” way before the singing group came out.  Doing the hair of family, friends, neighborhood children and even those less fortunate; is what started me on this journey.  That yearning desire has always burned within…after once walking away from my love of hair, yet gaining greater knowledge in other aspects of business GOD blessed me to come back to it and I’ve taken it on full force.
As a licensed Cosmetologist (Hair Care Provider) I deem it extremely important in staying updated with the latest education in this field. I hold many Certifications which make it easier to help my clients with achieving healthy hair as well as teaching them how to maintain such.
I set a goal to create an environment where my customers can come and feel like they are absolutely being catered to, while giving them the tools and knowledge in maintaining the healthy hair. This is my duty as your Haircare Provider. Undoubtedly so… a healthy body + a healthy mind + a healthy spirit = HEALTHY HAIR. The key is absorbing that these ingredients start from within! 
Shared thought... what I do is not just external, it’s internal as well and that is what makes this such a fulfilling profession! I am doing what I love and feeling good about it.  If you too are in search of a stylist who cares…from the root to the end? I’m the one you're seeking; reliable, dependable & available call for an appointment today.


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Niesha Boylan

Hair Stylist

​​​My name is Niesha B, a wife and mother of 3.   I am a Licensed Cosmetologist who cares for hair.  My passion for hair started at the age of 11 when I began braiding the neighborhood kids hair.  I was in the corporate field at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield for 11 years and after that I decided to step out on faith and pursue my career in this hair industry.  I am new at Va-Naz Haircare Salon and very excited about my new work home, coworkers, present clients, and future clients!  Healthy hair is my motto so “let me keep your hair healthy”!